how to develop your visual styles

hi guys ,

i think you'll know to create themes . because i already posted about themes . now we see how to develop  your themes .

1 . keep impressive names for your themes .
you won't to keep impressive names for your themes . you wont to keep the names carefully because it's the main thing of theme . think what all peoples like . don't keep your passwords as name for your theme . think creative . don't make themes of operating systems . because there are so many themes of operating system . now you think you are creating an operating system . you can create seasonal themes also ( Christmas , new year , holiday ) . and keep your name for it .i give some example names for you ( superDuper , bigboss ) .

2 . Make the theme file as highly super compressed archive .
it' not recommended . but , you won't to know about it . from this compressing way . that file can be downloaded from slowest internet connection also . ( 7-zip , KGB archiver , win-uha )

3 . Scan for viruses
people likes safe downloading ... you won't to scan compulsory . if you didn't having any anti-virus . there is a smallest and trustful antivirus called McAffe stringer ( you can download it by searching ).

4 . Join on social networks
you can  develop it by social networks . please don't be a spammer .( fb ,twitter , Google + , Google Buzz , strumple upon , linked in , tagged , bebo , Digg , , etc . )

5 . upload .
You can upload files at a site named Multiupload or the sies which are graphic designers choice ( Deviantart , CrystalXP,,Skinz,NeoWin,Deskmod,WinCustomize,)

change strat button text in xp

The start button is the most clicked on button in all of Windows.  If you are going to customize windows, why not customize the start button.  It is possible to change the text of the start button through the use of a hex editor which is a special program that allows you to edit files that were already compiled.
To get started, all you need is a hex editor which you can dowload for free on the web.  If you do not have a hex editor, visit and preform a search for hex editor and you will find several. 
Once you have the hex editor downloaded and installed, just open up explorer.exe which is found in the windows directory in the program.  Then go to the following offsets and you will see the text S T A R T.  Just modify the letters to what ever you wish and save the file and you are set to go.  Make sure that you leave the spaces between the letters and you only overwrite the five letters. 
The file offsets for XP are: 000412b6 - 000412bf and 0004158a - 00041593

This method has a few limitations though, you can only use exactly 5 letters.  If you want to us somthing with more than five letters, below is another guide that will also change the start menu text.  It is from but it was in German so here's my rough translation.

First of all you will need to download a exe editor - Resource Hacker and Hacker 2.0 are avaliable from and are adequate for the task in hand.

The first 3 steps stop the file we are going to tamper with from being restored automatically when windows restarts

1) with notepad or a text editor open the file c:\windows\system32\restore\filelist.xml (you might need to change it's properites from read only first by right clicking on the file and selecting properties, then remove the tich from the read only checkbox)

2) add the following line to the first section to exclude explorer.exe from the protected file list

3) save the file (and apply the read only properties back if you wish)

The next 2 steps actually modify the explorer.exe file that is the windows shell so back it up first if you are uncertain what you are doing (to back up the file, open a cmd window and type -
copy c:\windows\explorer.exe c:\windows\explorer.bak)

4) Open the file c:\windows\explorer.exe with your exe editor and edit the text in following lines

String Table > 37 > 1033
String Table > 38 > 1033

You just edit the text inside the "Start" to what ever you want and compile if necessary (depends on your exe editor - you will if you use ResHack)

5) save the file as (file > save as) explorer.xp (back up this file to another disk if you want to save a bit of hassle after you recover the machine next time)

Now you need to copy the file you've modified best way I've found to do this is to boot to safe mode command prompt although it's been suggested that you can stop the explorer.exe process with Task Manager, copy the fie in a cmd prompt then restart the process again - that worked for me but the origional returned after a restart. The next 3 steps describe how you copy the file

6) restart the machine and start tapping F8 to get the start menu - choose safe mode with command prompt

7) log on as Administrator and you'll be presented with a cmd prompt

8) To copy the modified file just type
copy c:\windows\explorer.xp c:\windows\explorer.exe
assuming that's where you saved it to with your exe editor)

9) Restart Machine and VOILA!

create your own theme ( for windows xp )

Aurum_VS_1_1_by_GeorgeHarrison_thumb[1].jpg (348×484)black-xp-theme.jpg (435×326)best-vista-theme-for-xp.jpg (450×338)

Hi ! Guys ,

I think this post is most wanted for you . if you search already about this and finally get the result of  theme creating software's for mobiles . so now you luckily find about it on grefex . here are some theme creating  ways for xp .

Resource hacker ( Hard )
i think already you used it . but you didn't made a theme ? now it's your time . follow these steps .if didn't dowloaded it yet download now . won't to visit homepage of resource hacker click here .
*click here view the tutorial in youtube
1 ) open resource hacker
2 ) open a theme file ( known the extention as *.msstyles)
2 )*note : press Ctrl + o or file > open and select under files of type select All files (*.*) .
3 ) after opened a theme on menu bar select view > expand tree 
4 ) under bitmap you can see the images .
5 ) if you won't to save it select the image and select action on menu bar and press 3rd option
6 ) if you won't to replace it  select the image and select action on menu bar and select replace bitmap

skin studio ( Medium )
you can create window blinds themes also . a software from stardock if yo won't it download crack now * * * note : (protected password : ) .

style builder ( Easy )
it's the easiest way to create themes .

The TopThemeXP ( very easy )
this is also a good theme creating software . i searched this software on internet i cannot find it on any search engines . finally i got it from a secret site ( shhh... its a secret ) .after installation please restart your computer . it's a crack file .

codejoke ISSkin
This is a deluxe software this software can create or modifire themes for xp , vista and microsoft office i think most of you use this software .visit webpage .
style xp
Style XP is not a skinning engine. It uses Microsoft's built-in visual style engine, but enhances it by providing many useful tools . download now .

Instant Theme creator 
a simple way to create themes . a product of peanut's softwares .created on 1997. Download now .

Normal way (without Downloading )

  • Windows XP features an already sleek interface, with a lot of different features that are just begging to be customized. Users of Windows XP can tailor the appearance of Windows XP, without having to modify the operating system or even hack the applications running in the background. With a few clicks, you can create your own great-looking themes for free.
    1 ) Open and start Windows XP. There is no need to enter safe mode to create themes.
  • 2 ) Click on the Start menu and select the "Control Panel" menu option.
  • 3 ) Click on the "Appearance" link in the Control Panel window (if you are viewing the control panel in the default Windows XP view). If you would like to switch to the classic Windows Control Panel view, click the "Switch to Classic View" link.
  • 4 ) Click the "Display" icon in the Control Panel. From here you will be able to control nearly every aspect of your Windows XP themes.
  • 5 ) Click on the "Appearance" tab along the menu bar.
  • 6 ) Experiment with different settings. Change fonts, colors and sizes. Tweak the way the menu buttons behave.
  • 7 ) Click the "Desktop" tab to choose from the collection of wallpapers you have stored on your hard drive. You can choose to stretch, center or tile the wallpaper to make it appear the way you desire.
  • 8 ) Change your screensaver to something that fits with the themes you are creating. Just choose from the list provided and change its parameters to see how it would look in different states.
  • 9 ) Click back to the "Themes" tab, and then click "Save As..." in order to preserve the themes you create.
  • 10 ) Delete a theme that you no longer wish to have by selecting the theme from the drop-down menu in the "Themes" tab and clicking "Delete." You will be asked to confirm your selection, at which point you may press "Yes" or "No" to complete the operation.
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  • and more sites ....

    and there are so many ways (ex. topthemeXP) to create xp themes you can comment about more ways to create themes .
    ( if installed trail versions of them .you could always put your pc clock back each week that keeps the trial going lol )

    2 Cool Software for free download

    Guys ,

    There are some graphic designing software's which very easy to use . that software's are below.

    Art rage
    I thing this software is already known by you . it's very easy and stylish . Download it by searching . if it ask serial number please visit .
    free-drawing-software-artrage-parrot-drawing.jpg (900×547)
    official site of art rage

    My Paint
    It's a opensource graphic designing software .
    mypaint-2011-screenshots-anime_01.jpg (600×330)
    official site of my paint

    windows xp into 7 !!!!

    Hey Windows xp users ,

    A Great chance for you on Grefex . Now you customize your xp into 7... Say WOW!!! Now ...
    Here Are the wanted items for your customization . There if i listed so many items in each category please download only one of it ...


    niwardsoft 7 remix
    Download 7 remix xp 2.5 or you can find more 7 remix on

    Aero Ultimate 7 RTM
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    Seven XP 3.0
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    Task bar

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    True Transparent
    Changes the windows border adding png support and so true transparency . download now

    Boot screen
    Boot Skins For Tune Up Utilities

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    download thooje by visiting

    a product of tom's effect . you can download it by visiting the official site .

    Disk Space
    there is a special feature in vst & 7 which they are shows the space of the disk . there is a software which can make xp also like that . you can download it by visiting

    True Transperancy

    you can see a graphic designing software similar to paint7 . i already posted about it on grefex .
    for more modifications you download Internet explorer 8 &windows media player 11

    you can find more styler toolbars and visual styles on Deviant Art , CrystleXP , WinCustomize ,Etc . For get more xp into 7 themes . there are more softwares to download ( ex . window blinds , Rain Meter , Vicon , window previews , boot skin , tuneup utilities , Etc .


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    18+ Social Media Sharing Widgets For Blogger Blogs

    TOP 18 BLOGGER WIDGETSWith every new day we kept on blessing the Google Blogger with new widgets but we never expected that the number of widgets would grew to such a level that we would need a summary post for it. Thanks to your consistent feedback and motivation we are presenting the top 18 widgets created at MBT as a summary to help you better reach our resources. These widgets include major social networking buttons and counters from Facebook, twitter, stumbleUpon to the newly born Google +1'd button. The widgets load fast and are well coded in order to make them compatible with all major browsers. Kindly choose a widget of your choice and click the image  for reading the tutorial.

    1. Floating Facebook Twitter Counters

    2. Sliding +1 Counters & More

    3. Facebook Style Social Share Buttons -Below Post Titles


    4. Add Social Networking counters Below Blog Titles

    5. Digg, Retweet Buttons and More -Below Post Titles

    6. Google+, twitter, stumbleupon - Below Post Titles

    7. Google Buzz Follow and Count Buttons

    8. 1+ Count Buttons

    9. LinkedIn Share Count Buttons

    10. Facebook Like and Send Button

    11. Facebook send button


    12. Bookmark and Share Widget

    13. Social Bookmarking and Share widget


    14. Show Followers Count Of RSS, Facebook and Twitter

    15. Social Media Widget With Search Box

    16. Share Buttons For Post Bottom

    17. Customize Twitter Follow Button in 7 ways!

    18. Create Custom Follower Counters


    20. Do You Like This Story?

    If I have missed mentioning any widget that we already published then please let me know. I will publish some more as my vocations just started. Hope you will like this post. Peace and blessings brothers and sisters. :)

    44 Orange Wallpapers

    Orange Wallpapers
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