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Hi ! Guys ,

I think this post is most wanted for you . if you search already about this and finally get the result of  theme creating software's for mobiles . so now you luckily find about it on grefex . here are some theme creating  ways for xp .

Resource hacker ( Hard )
i think already you used it . but you didn't made a theme ? now it's your time . follow these steps .if didn't dowloaded it yet download now . won't to visit homepage of resource hacker click here .
*click here view the tutorial in youtube
1 ) open resource hacker
2 ) open a theme file ( known the extention as *.msstyles)
2 )*note : press Ctrl + o or file > open and select under files of type select All files (*.*) .
3 ) after opened a theme on menu bar select view > expand tree 
4 ) under bitmap you can see the images .
5 ) if you won't to save it select the image and select action on menu bar and press 3rd option
6 ) if you won't to replace it  select the image and select action on menu bar and select replace bitmap

skin studio ( Medium )
you can create window blinds themes also . a software from stardock if yo won't it download crack now * * * note : (protected password : ) .

style builder ( Easy )
it's the easiest way to create themes .

The TopThemeXP ( very easy )
this is also a good theme creating software . i searched this software on internet i cannot find it on any search engines . finally i got it from a secret site ( shhh... its a secret ) .after installation please restart your computer . it's a crack file .

codejoke ISSkin
This is a deluxe software this software can create or modifire themes for xp , vista and microsoft office i think most of you use this software .visit webpage .
style xp
Style XP is not a skinning engine. It uses Microsoft's built-in visual style engine, but enhances it by providing many useful tools . download now .

Instant Theme creator 
a simple way to create themes . a product of peanut's softwares .created on 1997. Download now .

Normal way (without Downloading )

  • Windows XP features an already sleek interface, with a lot of different features that are just begging to be customized. Users of Windows XP can tailor the appearance of Windows XP, without having to modify the operating system or even hack the applications running in the background. With a few clicks, you can create your own great-looking themes for free.
    1 ) Open and start Windows XP. There is no need to enter safe mode to create themes.
  • 2 ) Click on the Start menu and select the "Control Panel" menu option.
  • 3 ) Click on the "Appearance" link in the Control Panel window (if you are viewing the control panel in the default Windows XP view). If you would like to switch to the classic Windows Control Panel view, click the "Switch to Classic View" link.
  • 4 ) Click the "Display" icon in the Control Panel. From here you will be able to control nearly every aspect of your Windows XP themes.
  • 5 ) Click on the "Appearance" tab along the menu bar.
  • 6 ) Experiment with different settings. Change fonts, colors and sizes. Tweak the way the menu buttons behave.
  • 7 ) Click the "Desktop" tab to choose from the collection of wallpapers you have stored on your hard drive. You can choose to stretch, center or tile the wallpaper to make it appear the way you desire.
  • 8 ) Change your screensaver to something that fits with the themes you are creating. Just choose from the list provided and change its parameters to see how it would look in different states.
  • 9 ) Click back to the "Themes" tab, and then click "Save As..." in order to preserve the themes you create.
  • 10 ) Delete a theme that you no longer wish to have by selecting the theme from the drop-down menu in the "Themes" tab and clicking "Delete." You will be asked to confirm your selection, at which point you may press "Yes" or "No" to complete the operation.
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    and there are so many ways (ex. topthemeXP) to create xp themes you can comment about more ways to create themes .
    ( if installed trail versions of them .you could always put your pc clock back each week that keeps the trial going lol )

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